MBB/Yoga Classes

Mighty Body Band® Class Schedule Effective November 1st, 2016

Due to remodeling at IBJI, as of November 1st, 2017 all MBB classes are canceled--we will keep you posted as to when classes resume. Thank you!       

IBJI Health Performance Institute
1919 Skokie Valley Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

See Teacher Bio just below:

Miguel Latronica ERYT, has been teaching the science of yoga and stretch therapy for over 20 years. Soon after opening his first yoga studio in Chicago (1999), Miguel realized his passion for teaching yoga. And then in 2001 conducted his first national yoga teacher training program. Currently, Miguel and his wife, Mary Farhi Latronica M.D., own and operate Yoga Bent School. Today, Yoga Bent® (via Yoga Alliance) continues to be a nationally certified school at the 200 Hour level. His students and colleagues describe him as brilliantly creative in both his teaching and product design. This creativity has roots in his earlier years when he worked and helped to manage his family’s civil engineering company in Chicago. Miguel has a deep and rich understanding of not only the science of yoga, but of the physical and energetic anatomy of the human body. His knowledge of anatomy sets him apart, as well as his understanding of the physiology and function of muscle and fascia thereof. This deep understanding is what compelled Miguel to begin designing and building various therapeutic props and devices to assist others in the exploration of yoga and fitness training. Miguel has worked with a broad range of students, from professional athletes in the NBA and NFL, to therapeutics with the elderly, as well as people of all ages that strive to improve their overall health, vitality, strength and agility. To date, Miguel has designed and manufactured several exercise and therapeutic fitness products that have been sold worldwide and are used in various health and fitness settings, from health clubs and studios to physical therapy facilities. His latest internationally patented exercise stretch and strengthening product is called the Mighty Body Band® (MBB). The MBB product has been applauded by fitness experts from around the world as a game changer, it continues to expand in awareness the world of fitness and stretching. Various newspapers and magazines continue to applaud the brilliance and ingenuity of the MBB and the Latronica Method™ alike." As of 2016, Miguel has just filed for a new pilates patent. He is excited to soon release this to the general public.


Marian McNair, MATC, MFA has worked with Sound and Vibrational Healing for over 20 years. She combines the fundamentals of her wellness presentations with her extensive teaching background in yoga, creative arts, drama and music and teaches throughout the Chicago area and the country. She has produced four cd’s which are used in her practice. Marian enables each participant to envision fulfilling their hopes and goals while erasing all roadblocks to these accomplishments in a peaceful, nurturing environment. Marian has come from an extensive Iyengar background and has become certified in the Mighty Body Band® Method. Her MBB classes are appropriate for all levels."