Mighty Body Band®

" Awesome product I am a 500 certified yoga instructor I wish every yoga studio will have a mighty band ! I can't​ tell you enough how good this product is!"

-Marisol Terry Eryt 500


"I've found the Mighty Body Band to be an essential tool in our corrective exercise work with clients. Our Coaching the Body approach combines trigger point therapy and assisted movement to quickly resolve even some of the most serious pain conditions. However, without balanced strength, flexibility and restoration of functional posture, the body will slip back into dysfunction. Our Neuromuscular Yoga Therapy routines are built around the MBB. Movement is health, and the versatile MBB has become our preferred piece of equipment for teaching the client safe, efficient body weight routines that combine spinal traction, movement, weight bearing and PIR stretching."

-Chuck Duff


Coach the Body Institute

Thai Bodywork


"Being a medical doctor of indian descent, I have been learning yoga since I was a child. I have never been able to easily get into and maintain so many exercises as I have with the Mighty Body Band. I highly reccommend it to everyone-- especially for those who are not the most limber and are trying to tone and build the core and overall strength.Because the Mighty Body Band is a resistance-based fitness product, it allows me and my body to engage in so many different exercies-- exercises, which, I may never have so successfully performed. Thank you for such a simple, yet portable light fitness tool!"

-Anna Bobba, MD


"After taking the Mighty Body Band class, I became a fan of this piece of exercise equipment! It provides a challenging, full body flexibility and strengthening workout for people of all ages, and fitness levels. Using your own body weight, theMBB is designed to help assist someone perform an exercise that may be too difficult, or make an exercise more challenging if it is too easy. What makes the Mighty Body Band unique is the exercises can be performed statically or dynamically, providing more proprioceptive stimulus to joint receptors. This gives a complete neuromuscular workout allowing for improved muscular recruitment and joint motion."

-Paul Schmidt PT/ATC

Facility Manager

Illinois Bone and Joint Institute


Mighty Body Band® "It's like TRX for Yoga, I love suspension training."

-Beth Shaw

Yoga Fit


I am a 64 year old woman, lucky for me, I attended a class at Miguel's studio where the Mighty Body Band was in use. If it wasn't for the band, I would NEVER have been able to learn and hold the poses. I felt very secure that the body band was supporting me, allowing me to try positions I would never have thought of trying. Thanks to the band, my lower back no longer bothers me. I have been anxiously awaiting this home version. It will be great to travel with as well. I encourage anyone, beginner or not, to try this great product.

-Annette Levin


"The versatility of the MIGHTY BODY-BAND allows us to use it with all of our clientele, from youth athletes, to pro athletes, to adult weekend warriors. You can work all different sorts of exercises into any program to attain the best results with any athlete or client! I like for all of my professional athletes to utilize the MBB and regularly take groups up to the MBB studio."-Alexandra Alldritt, trainer/flexibility

-Dan Ellis, M.Ed, CSCS

specialist EFT ----Sports Performance


In November of 2010, Equinox Highland Park and Miguel Latronica launched their first partnership with the Mighty Body Band® (MBB Reformer™) via the The Latronica Method™. Miguel Latronica has been teaching yoga and healing arts for over ten years. With Equinox providing its strong member base, Miguel and the Mighty Body Band® – a cutting edge fitness tool – has had great success during its 3 month beta-testing period at Equinox of Highland Park Illinois. With two classes on the schedule, both maintained 75% or higher capacity. In January 2011, one evening class held 99% capacity, with 80% of club usage during that hour. The following quotes come from Highland Park Equinox members. It’s obvious their opinions of the Mighty Body Band®, The Latronica Method™, and Miguel are very high.

Thank you, Miguel for bringing the MBB™ and your format to Equinox of Highland Park, IL

-Janet (General Club Manager)

Equinox Fitness Club


“I have been a member of Highland Park since opening. Equinox has been my choice because you hire the best and take risks when it makes sense. This is it! The Mighty Body Band® – it makes business sense and is the way of the future: yoga and body awareness.”...


“The Mighty Body Band® is a leading edge class that sets Equinox apart in its Yoga offerings. It’s not just another gym.”...“The Mighty Body Band® class is very unique and can’t be replaced with anything else.”...“I am employed elsewhere as a full-time Pilates Instructor. I have never experienced such a great concept in body movement and exploration.

Go Mighty Body Band®!”...


“The Mighty Body Band® is unique, different, and one of the main reasons for my choosing this club.”...“I bought the MBB® at the Yoga Journal Conference in January and I love it! Thanks for such a cool product.”

- Cynthia McCabe....


“For people who wish to be students of their body, the MBB® facilitates safe aligned actions into never before realized movements. In my opinion, the Mighty Body Band® is the future of the art and science of yoga!”

- Werner Martin...


Miguel, The MMB arrived, and it is all I expected, and MORE!! Please do contact me when you come to Florida, I am interested in learning more and may be promote it in some way. I will be participating of a 5 day international AcroYoga Immersion in Miami mid January. I have found the MMB is a great tool for "extreme" yogis, I am sure they will LOVE it...

-Namaste Carlos....


Hi Miguel! I received my Mighty Body Band yesterday and I was very impressed by the quality and well thought out disign. Amazing! I love the attachment of the double loops. I never gave it much thought as one of the features but I tried it on the shoulder's and the legs and was tickled pink, it's like having my own personal yoga adjuster and personal assist! Exactly what I was hoping for! I have a guest coming next week to my home who is a very seasoned Yogi, I deeply respect, who travels all over the world and hosts Yoga retreats, he studied 3 years with Rodney Yee and I am really excited to see what he thinks of this! Thank you!

-Donna Tomich...


Hi Miguel,

I want to let you know that I am truly enjoying my “Elite Model” of your product. As you may remember, for the last few years I was using your “Deluxe Model’ which is a great product and was used daily in my yoga room. Now after using your “Elite Model” for a short time, I am amazed how much more I can do using your “Elite Model”. Using the Mighty Body Band has definitely changed and enhanced my yoga practice. It enables me to do my yoga poses effortlessly and experiencing the maximum effect of each pose while feeling very secure and safe. The best part of it for me is that it can be moved easily to different spots around my home and even outside. How clever to invent something so practical, simple to use , safe, and so easy to move around. I can’t wait to see your next inventions and ideas for making my yoga practice more enjoyable and effective. Do you have any plans for your next product? How about something for making the inversion poses safer and more enjoyable? Poses like head stand and hand stand? I would love to improve and enhance such difficult poses in a safe way. I look forward to discovering new ways to enhance my yoga experience through your inventions. For now, I am thankful and delighted to use your “Elite Model”. Please keep me on your update list for any future inventionsNamaste

-Fereshteh Rahimzadeh...


"I am Dr. Warren Baskin D.C. I have been a Chiropractic Physician for 31 years. I specialize in the treatment and prevention of Orthopedic injuries. Miquel Latronica of YOGA BENT introduced me to the Mighty Body Bands 3 years ago and it enhanced my yoga practice. The MBB harness system allows you to effortlessly achieve and hold a yoga pose. This dynamic system of flexible cords,belts and straps enables you to align your body to enhance your 'PRACTICE".It is exciting and fun to use the MBB because of endless possibilties of poses both stationary and with movement. Kineseology or Human Kinetics is the study of human movement. The MBB takes human kinetics to a higher level.

-Dr. Warren Baskin D.C



"...Miguel, While I have only started with Yoga Bent a short while ago, I am 100% hooked. As I run my own business, very few activities besides my childrens' take me away from my company's focus. Come class time, I close the laptop, bring the meeting to a close and come to Yoga Bent. I usually don't publicize this, but I feel it is relevant here: 16 years ago, I had a very complicated brain aneurysm. I was very fortunate to survive and lived with headaches regularly. Three years ago, I developed a benign brain tumor and, because of amazing surgeons, survived again. This is important only because in a million years, I would never have imagined hanging upside down like a bat! For anyone to feel comfortable hanging upside down is a big thing. For me, monumental.

I love the classes I have taken, improving my balance and strength while cutting my appetite in half. I do run regularly, however Yoga Bent's classes have done far more for me than running. Thank you for all you do!



April 9th 2013

As you learned in last week’s column, strength imbalances can take a significant toll on the body. Faulty movement patterns, sitting or standing improperly or for extended periods of time, and many other factors, cause some muscles to overwork and others to underwork. Overworked muscles become tight and lose their intended normal range of motion, while underworked muscles become lax and less supportive. Both scenarios leave the body more prone to injuries. Where strength imbalances are not recognized and addressed, joint problems, loss of balance and inflexibility can occur. Luckily, regular exercise can help reduce and even eliminate strength imbalances. A proven and popular method of correcting strength imbalances involves exercises that work against gravity using bodyweight as resistance.

I recently reviewed The Mighty Body Band® (MBB™), a product specifically designed to allow the user to focus on aspects of strength, flexibility and balance for total body muscle conditioning via the Latronica Method™. The unit is operated by fixing it to a stationary anchor point, with six distinct modes of operation offering multiple benefits including the ability to work both dynamically and statically. The MBB uses the individual’s body weight and personal strength level to train the muscles at different angles. Inventor Miguel Latronica states, “MBB allows the user to safely work deeper into a stretch while at the same time raising the threshold to muscular discomfort often normally associated with stretching. Unlike many traditional techniques that aid in elongating the muscles it works more therapeutically allowing for greater reciprocation. With the right conditions in mind including diet, hydration and proper rest, you can achieve greater agility while at the same time working out existing strength imbalances”. The MBB is great for in-home use, and the lightweight, compact design also makes it a portable exercise option for the gym or while traveling. Available in 2 different models (Lite and Elite), each comes with an exercise guide, an instructional dvd, carrying bag and access to website ‘how-to’ videos. The MBB Lite model is designed for people who want to primarily release low back pain, tight hamstrings and shoulders, and can also be used to tone the body and create greater agility. The MBB Elite model incorporates lower, mid and upper body to work with a greater range of exercise options related to activating all muscle groups. 

-Marjie Gilliam January 2013

Dayton Daily News



Always in search of total body fitness. How do I incorporate fitness into my every day life? Well I simply choose the path of more resistance! By that I mean walking on unstable surfaces instead of the flat one, taking the stairs not the elevator, standing over sitting, running over walking, walking faster instead of ambling, sitting before lying and lunging deeper than squatting.With this simple philosophy my body stays trim, toned and strong but in life energy actually follows a path of least resistance so when actually fitness training I prefer to find tools and systems that incorporate my whole body efficiently, working the deeper stabilizing muscles and joints while encouraging correct movement and better alignment.Other than AeroPilates and Gyrotonic no device existed until now. Miguel Latronica is my dear friend and a brilliant inventor akin to Julio Horvath and Joseph Pilates, and who has developed a portable, functional cross training tool that is sweeping the yoga, fitness andrehabilitation world by storm called the Mighty Body Band® or MBB.Physiotherapists, doctors and professional fitness trainers arerecognizing its unique ability to build total body strength while redefining your core, increasing flexibility, improving posture and working deeper into your connective tissue while protecting your body from further injury and damage. The MBB is fun and easy to use. It is a great for correcting muscular imbalances-- it works against gravity while using the weight of your body for resistance. The MBB is also used therapeutically to rehabilitate injured patients because it is gentle and supportive enough to help them discover unused muscles and reclaim neuromuscular balance.

-Marjolein Brugman 2014

Aero Pilates