Revolved Pilates ™

A revolutionary new pilates machine (and accessory) where stabilization is created by performing movements that counterbalance extension to contraction or reaching out to pulling in. Revolved Pilates ™ "destricts" the human body so that it can move dynamically from within all directions, with total neural control, uncompromised alignment and flexibility and strength. Revolved Pilates ™ allows for continuous flowing eccentric, concentric and plyometric movements against controlled resistance, synchronized with corresponding breath. Lastly, it's patented technology allows for controlled rotational and circular movements to create greater range of motion in throughout the joints of the body.

                         Direct Benefits of Revolved Pilates ™

                • Better balance
                • Better posture
                • More flexibility
                • Total strength
                • Better circulation
                • Better range of motion
                • Increased core strength
                • Improved proprioception
                • More mobilization in spine
                • Cardiovascular improvement
                   Patented pilates technology featuring bi-directional and
circular-like motion fitness™

Revolved Pilates ™ harnesses the benefits from most disciplines including:

• Yoga
• TRX®
• Ballet
• Dance
• Pilates
• Aerobics
• Gyrotonic®
• Gymnastics
• Body building
• Barre Method®
Revolved Pilates™ was patented in 2017 by Miguel (Michael) Latronica and Alexander Lucca Latronica. We are working diligently with some of the industries most influential players—each is excited about what Revolved Pilates™ has to offer.