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A Light From Within: Shining Light on the Yoga Experience

 By Judith Stern Friedman

 A Light From Within is the modern-day, must-have, mat-side yoga reference. In 10+ years of developing this book, revered instructor, genius inventor, and lifelong yogi Miguel Latronica has funneled a masterful combination of yogic wisdom, body mechanics knowhow, and spiritual guidance into this 320-page expert manual.

 Organized by seasons of the year, the book is filled with copy, charts, removable cards, and illustrative graphics that enmesh yoga’s physical, mental, spiritual, scientific and emotional aspects, including:

  • stories and explanations of yogic principles & poses
  • mudras for meditation
  • affirmations
  • haiku
  • journaling opportunities

 Both on and off the yoga mat, gurus, students, teachers, and novices can elevate their yoga practice far beyond down dog. At its surface, A Light From Within provides step-by-step instructions for each of 52 yoga poses, with detail on alignment and form, breathing and benefits, precautions, and modifications for each. Then in its countless tips and activities, the book adds personal meaning to every practice: “Pearls of Wisdom” provide historical, anatomical, and inspirational stories, including words by which to meditate. Adjoining space for continued journaling moves the experience from physical to emotional.

 Ambitious readers can keep the book bedside to reflect on their experiences weekly, record their reactions, and gauge their emotions. They create a Soul Symbol, resolve inner conflict, and complete a Chart of Emotions to experience newfound creativity and discover their personal relationship with the world. As yoga becomes the exercise of choice for America’s aging population, A Light From Within offers a holistic approach. Whether a basic yoga resource or a self-actualization tool, this revolutionary volume is a must in yoga libraries, as it guides the way to higher forms of movement, inner harmony, balance and wellness.  


By Bets on December 18, 2015
I have been a student of Miguel Latronica for the past several years and highly anticipated this integrative yoga workbook: "A Light from Within."
This workbook is amazing in its depth and it's accessibility!
I'm like a kid in a candy shop, where to start? It brings together so many activities, options, layers of self-enrichment in a beautifully illustrated, coherent and thought- provoking way.
Having been a student of yoga for over 30 years with many great teachers, Miguel definitely brings something fresh and new is this integrative approach.
In this workbook you will find yoga poses, affirmations, haikus, mudras and philosophy.
In addition, as a practicing Clinical Psychologist, I think the prompts for reporting emotional awareness and journaling, as well as interpersonal prompts for a "weekly random act of kindness", and even a way to chart your emotions and activities over the seasons, are highly useful tools for self-discovery and strengthening one's spiritual and emotional self.
All this is beautifully arranged by "seasons" to foster awareness "throughout changing seasons of your life."

There are also a multitude of ways to engage with this book: alone, with others, even an online connection.

In summary, this is a beautifully integrated and unique manual to enter and engage with on many different levels of awareness with the body, mind, and spirit. It comes at a perfect time!
For all your yogini friends , teachers, healers, and therapists, it has everything!
Makes a great personal course of study and a great gift!
I highly recommend it!
Bravo Miguel and thank you!
Testimonials to A Light From Within Yoga Workbook and Journal 8-week course:
"I began this class as a complete novice to yoga and meditation. In 8 short weeks I have already incorporated much of what we learned to handle stress more effectively. Miguel and Mary have provided numerous tools to begin  a path to better health and wellness, without judgement. A variety of alternatives were taught to accommodate all skill levels and physical impairments, with an emphasis on proper technique and positioning. Thank you for a great experience! I would highly recommend this program!"  
   -Renee Neubecker
"I would highly recommend this class to anyone. This class has helped me to better manage my stress. I was amazed at how effort it took to do yoga. Since this was my first attempt to do yoga, I can't thank Miguel and Mary for their patience  and support to teach proper form and to help prevent injury. After every class I felt more relaxed and well rested. They have helped me look at  diet and made me realize I needed to make changes to live a healthier Life."
 - Bob Neubecker
"The best 2 hours a week I have spent on myself in a long time! I felt renewed after each session! Both Miguel and Mary were such an inspiration."
-Robin Prater
"I am highly recommending this program to anyone. Miguel and Mary exceeded my expectations, their knowledge yoga and it's principles is very deep. After taking this course I feel more connected to the world around me, to myself, I feel more at peace, empowered and ready to learn more."
 -Marta Milejczyk, DDS

"This course provided so many tools for healing and strengthening the body mind and spirit. Whether you are an experienced yogi or it is new to you there are so many elements to integrate and practice.  A great introduction to making the book "A Light From within" a consistant part of daily mindfulness. I love the idea/practice of creating "metabolic reserve" to deal with life's daily challenges. Miguel and Mary, you have truly enriched my life!"
-Betty B. PhD.
"Wonderful introduction to yoga for me. The course is comprhensive, yet "basic". Totally suitable for all skill levels. Nutritional aspect of course was very enlightening. I now think differently when I go up and down the grocery store aisles. Miguel and Mary are wonderful, experienced, intelligent instructors and two of the nicest people you will ever meet!"
 - Jeff and Beth Gauthier
"It is with indescribable gratitude that I thank you for sharing your gifts of deep intelligence, incredible thoughtfulness, and boundless generosity.  I am looking forward to continuing on the journey!"
-Barbara Kassner
"I enjoyed every minute!"
"Continuing through the 8-weeks, I realized the practice of youga is like jumping into water and not knowing what you will find. But, after the jump, the bottom comes up to meet you, the temperature adjusts to what you need and the water soothes. Yoga is what I was looking for but didn't know it! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. My life has changed!"
-Suzanne Branding
"This program is excellent. Self-practice centered. By using practices and emotional self-awareness activities I was able to practice more self-awareness, proactive response to wellness. I was in PT for post surgery recovery and this program catapulted my recovery. Miguel and Mary have a powerhouse of healthy practices".
Linda McCracken