Upryte™ Testimonials



I thought I'd give you some feedback on the Upryte. It is amazing how a
very little pressure on the straps is enough to affect posture. That said,
I think the one thing missing from the instructions is how much is the
right amount of pressure. The instructions talk about how to wear it but
not really how to adjust to the correct amount of resistance. A bit too
much can easily fatigue the shoulders in minutes.

That said I love the simplicity of the Upryte and it has helped my posture
from the first day I started wearing it. Even with the product off muscle
memory is beginning to set in and I'm standing and sitting straighter with
shoulders positioned more comfortably back.

"Thanks for getting the product right out to me and feel free to use my
name in an endorsement. "

-Bob Ryan



"I found the product extremely helpful in terms of posture, back & shoulder pain. It also helped me to engage my abs. All around fantastic, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone!  Also since i use it for working out it would be great if there was a "sports enhanced" version made of wicking fabric- it was SOAKED when i was through with it . Overall this product is GREAT!"

-Tamar Kipper



"Body more relaxed-less tense from doing hours of computer work. Helps my form when spinning. Helps lower back when running."

-Anita Shames



"I think this product has excellent potential. I love the design & how it works. I think this product will fly off the shelves!"

-Katie Lopes



"I have been struggling with shoulder posture issues. The UpRyte helps my brain to help my body pull back my shoulders & stand up right/Ryte! I love the "fixation" look. It's kind of a backpack without the "pack". I get many inquiries already! I applaud you & the concept!"

-Janean Winitiz


"Overall I really enjoyed my experience with the UpRyte. Although I haven't quite incorporated the UpRyte into my daily routine, it truly makes a difference in the way I feel! As I've noted in my survey I found the UpRyte more effective in front of a computer. The UpRyte has improved the way i sit at my desk and the way i feel!

I love this product. Thanks for the opportunity."

-Elan Jacoby


"Love it! It seemed to have given me a constant reminder of posture."

-Guy Grundhoeer