Upryte™: The Body Alignment Band

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UPRYTE: The Body Alignment Band is the only product of its kind offered on the market today.  Its ability to make people both feel and look better by simply improving posture is unique.  The UPRYTE is a non-intrusive belt that is easy to understand, easy to wear, and easy on the eyes.  What makes it truly unique is that it capitalizes on the body's own natural muscle memory ability, so that its benefits endure even when the product isn't actually in use.  

According to initial product research conducted, the UPRYTE makes the wearer feels taller, thinner, and younger. Our competitive edge lies in the fact that we are the only company addressing this need of consumers for posture enhancement for the purpose of BOTH feeling and looking better.

 All Upryte™ products are unisex.  For men, woman, teens and children

Best of all--One size fits all! 

30-Day Return Policy

Upryte™: Change the way you feel and think about you! 


Type: Body Alignment Band